SEO tool


– Check My Links检查我们的链接
this Chrome extension quickly checks any webpage for broken links.这个chrome扩展插件能快速检查网站的坏链

– Domain Hunter Plus 域名猎手
similar to Check My Links. But this tool also checks to see if the broken link’s domain is available for registration. 和链接检查相似,但是这个工具还能检查坏链的域名是不是还能注册。

– Link Prospecting Query Builder
spit out search strings you can use to find link opportunities.

– LinkMiner
check for broken links on a page. Also shows you how many links the broken link has pointing to it.

– Quick URL Opener
a tool that opens a big ol’ list of URLs at once.

– Siege Media Embed Code Generator
infographic embed code generator.

– Bing Webmaster Tools
as good as Google Search Console.

– Browseo
reveals how a search engines spider sees your site.

– Google Analytics

– Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer
When you link your Google Analytics to this free spam killer tool, it will add filters to your account that remove over 100 know spammy referrer websites from your list of referring domains.

– Google Mobile-Friendly Test

– Google Search Console
a suite of helpful tools straight from Google. You can see if you have duplicate meta data, how many pages you have indexed, security issues and more.

– GTmetrix
judge your site’s real loading speed

– Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator
A helpful (free) tool that makes sure you have a valid sitemap.

– Microdata Generator
makes creating local SEO schema markup a breeze. This is perfect if you’re a local business (or have local SEO clients).

– Open SEO Stats
You can see a site’s Alexa ranking, indexed pages, page speed, whois, on page SEO…the list goes on and on.

– Panguin Tool
Check if your site got dinged by Panda, Penguin or another Google penalty? link up Panguin with your Google

– Plugin SEO
on-page SEO analysis tool

– Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool
quickly filters out spam bots by creating a segment in GA that ignores traffic from spammy websites.

– Rel Nofollow Checkbox
This WordPress plugin lets you easily set links on your site as “nofollow”.

– SEO & Website Analysis (WooRank)
This free Chrome extension gives you important SEO info from within your browser.

– Varvy SEO Tool
site audit tool

– Webbee SEO Spider Tool
gives you a lot of in-depth info into your site’s technical SEO health.

– Website Penalty Indicator
Check whether or not you got slapped by a Google Penalty. The tool lines up your organic traffic with dates of Google penalties…like “Mobilegeddon” and the Phantom update.

– Zadroweb SEO Auditor
provides a high-level SEO overview of your site.

– QuickSprout Website Analyzer
website analysis tool.

– SEOptimer
a quick-and-dirty look at your content’s on-page SEO

– SEO Weather’s Bulk Metrics Checker
to see the PA and DA for a big ol’ list of URLs

– SEOGadget for Excel
pull data from Moz and Majestic into an Excel spreadsheet

– SEOquake
A nice little toolbar for Firefox and Chrome that shows you important SEO metrics (like domain age, number of backlinks, and traffic estimates)